Time & Attendance

The knowledge of arrival, withdrawal and the exact real working time of the personnel is of capital importance for each economical unit, since it is the key ingredient for the evaluation and productivity of each employee. Our company is the exclusive distributor of all the range of time attendance products manufactured by IDTECK, a company which has managed to occupy the position of leading developer and manufacturer in Biometric systems all over the world.

Time & Attendance systems constitute an ideal solution for all companies while it enables centralized monitoring for companies with offices geographically dispersed over multiple locations. Installing the system in its main office, a company has the ability to collect data through the Internet or even via a phone or a mobile phone.

The system's software is designed to fulfill from the most simple to the most complicated demands of today’s most innovative companies. It can be used both by companies that operate 5 days a week with fixed working hours and industrial units that work 24/7.

The time & attendance system consists of a special electronic attendance clock. Placed at all entrances and exit points of the workplace, it records all information related to personnel Inbound - Outbound traffic. It can also be connected with the entrance door and operate as an access control system too.

Each employee must place his/her identity card (key ring, fingerprints or facial and eye characteristics) in the identity reader device upon each entry and exit. The electronic clock will thus identify the employee and record the date and exact time of his entry to or exit from the workplace. The electronic clock produces an optical and a sound signal to the worker upon each entry or exit.

Time attendance system accurately calculates work time of each employee for each day or for a selected period of time while it checks whether the predefined work schedule, shifts, etc. were kept.

In addition, it is always aware of the employees that are present, the employees that are absent as well as the reasons for their absence (sick leave, unjustified absences, business trips, etc.)

It calculates work during normal working hours, overtime and work on holidays. It prints detailed reports that can meet any requirement and exports a file with the results of the calculations, enabling import of such data into Payroll Accounting Programs.

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