Services & Support

Piperaris Security Protection has a high-tech Central Monitoring Station and offers 24 hour technical support for the whole of Cyprus. It also offers Remote Service Support straight from the company’s headquarters, without necessarily needing a visit on site.  In addition, keeping in mind that our goal is to make sure you receive immediate service, excellent and long-term operation of your security systems at the highest degree possible, we offer a special maintenance program with a series of technical support services, especially designed to accomodate you accrding to your needs.


Study & Design

Our company’s security and protection consultants are in the disposal of the customers for a complete and precise planning of the most suitable systems and services, specifically adapted in their own needs.

Installation & Delivery

The technical support department of our company will ensure a successful installation and proper training on the systems usage.


Aiming at the unhindered and most excellent operation of the systems, as well their maximum output and their longevity, we have allocate special maintenance programme, with large range technical support services that can be selected according to the needs of customer.

24hours Service

Anytime you require our services 24 Hours a day, 365 Days per year the group of our highly trained professionals’ will be there to assist you. Just call us from anywhere in Cyprus. It’s that simple!!

Remote Support - Central Monitoring Station

Get rid of the burden worrying of the normal operation of your security systems. Our sophisticated central monitoring station monitors and also can give remote technical support where necessary saving time and money in the process.

Central Monitoring Station

Information is only important and useful when you have it at the right time. Get informed immediately for any events that concern your security systems through voice messaging / SMS or even e-mail. Reporting can be any of the following:

 Burglary, robberies, fire or any other emergency.

UserID, Date and time is provided at each event.

SET / UNSET of your systems within the specified schedules.

Non-setting of the systems according to a specified schedule.

Power failure and restoration / Battery failure and restoration.

Telephone line failure and other failures.

Temperature change in high sensitive areas like refrigerators, server rooms, etc

Any medical emergencies. (Special signals)

Any other signals depending on customer specific needs.

All signals are stored and backed up in a special database that is easy to access whenever needed.