GPS Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

The Vehicle tracking devices provide important solutions to the needs encountered by companies and individuals. Saving time and money, in addition to improving the level of security are some of the solutions offered by these systems. The Vehicle tracking devices are functional, easy to use, easy to maintain and based on the latest technology in the field.

Our company cooperates with the German colossus FALCOM as well as, MEITRACK of China, pioneers in manufacturing and supplying vehicle positioning systems. Piperaris GPS monitoring and control software provides all solutions needed.

Personal Tracking
Our company enhances dynamically the solutions provided regarding safety and security of people, for staff (personnel) or for the safety of individuals who need it. These individuals are provided with a compact device which sends their locations (through GPS) to the control center application. With the use of PC, Laptop or smart phones, the users can have insights in real time regarding the current location of the tracked individual. At the same time, there is the option for receiving periodically mass sms regarding the individual’s location to a selected mobile phone number and emergency updates Regarding Personal tracking systems, our company has an exclusive cooperation with the German colossus FALCOM, όπως και με την LEIPAC of Canada.

The monitoring and control software is offered by our company, Piperaris.