Digital Video Recording & Remote Transmission

With modern digital technology, you can now see everything from every corner of the planet simply by looking through the eyes of a screen. Monitor and get informed about what is happening at your house right now or even during your absence.

The Digital Video Recording systems of the manufacturing company HIKVISION constitute one of the most leading systems in today’s security industry. Its systems have been distinguished for their superior quality among many other systems in the digital recording and picture transmission field. Our exclusive collaboration with HIKVISION opens new horizons for our company, always aiming at the full satisfaction of our customers’ requirements.

Furthermore, each camera can be adjusted according to your requirements. With the help of the IVMS system, each camera detects all human activity produced and informs all persons concerned. The system can also monitor moving cameras without the mediation of an operator, accept messages and handle other appliances while it prints the recorded images and sends via email all recorded scenes. In addition, it produces and records all information and scripts registered at ATMs. It recognizes the authenticity of the image and provides security depending on each user’s profile.
Our company offers an abundance of models to choose from according to each of your requirements and needs.

It makes your business more efficient and smoothens the workflow since IVMS contributes to the elimination of possible losses and the increase of quality and production level.

Piperaris Security & Protection is the exclusive authorise distributor of Hikvision in Cyprus