Counterfeit Detection Machines


The euro is now a reality. From 1st January 2008, Cyprus adopted the euro as its new currency. The distribution of counterfeit banknotes in the Cypriot market is a living threat, which every one of us is going to have to deal with very shortly. We must all be well-prepared. How positive are we on the authenticity of the money we are holding in our hands?

Our counterfeit detection machines , are the ideal solution for combatting counterfeit. They are imported from Germany, are amazingly simple to use and 100% efficient, so that the user can automatically refuse any given counterfeit banknote. Piperaris Security Protection, with twendy-one years of experience in the field of security systems and 24hr technical support throughout Cyprus, is launching new range of counterfreit machines as the best, safest assistance during transactions. Our counterfreit machines are ideal for all those who hate taking everything for granted and would like to ensure their business’ well-being, without having to suffer from any unnecessary loss