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Use your smartphone to lock or unlock your door and never fret about a lost key or forgotten door code again. From anywhere in the world, you can grant others limited or unlimited access to your home, vacation house, or office while keeping track of who enters and when. Bluetooth Locker can be mounted on any type of door by anyone. Installation takes less than 10 minutes.

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Product Description


Use your smartphone to lock or unlock your door and never fret about a lost key or forgotten door code again. From anywhere in the world, you can grant others limited or unlimited access to your home, vacation house, or office while keeping track of who enters and when. danalock can be mounted on any type of door by anyone.
Installation takes less than 10 minutes.

Small, Discreet. Durable. Danish.           
The smallest smart lock with the most competitive price on the market.

  • No keys needed
  • Quick to lock/unlock
  • Worldwide home control
  • Time-controlled home access
  • Easy to install
  • Multiple connection options
  • Log of activity
  • Interaction with other systems

No keys needed
The days of scrambling for your keys are over. All it takes now is a click from your smart phone. You can easily generate and send virtual keys from anywhere in the world, using the danalock app or danalock home on your laptop.
danalock home is the intuitive user interface that makes it quick and easy to administer your virtual keys online.

Quick to lock/unlock
Hands full? You can set up danalock to sense your approach making it unlock the door automatically when you are near the door. You can also set it up to lock up after entering.

Time-controlled home access
There's a time for everything and everyone.  Including visitors. With danalock, you can authorize entry into your space with a personal log-in for smartphone users. Set up a limited window for your housecleaner or contractor at home and employees and janitorial staff at your office. Or grant weekend access to visiting houseguests. It's simple to do online or from your smartphone.

Multiple connection options
With the danalock Z-wave version, you are able to remotely operate your doorlock from anywhere using Internet access and a Z-Wave Gateway.
If you prefer an offline solution (operatinging your danalock directly from smartphone to danalock without using a server link), just switch to this mode on your smartphone app, and grant pins to lock/unlock the door, without going online.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Estimate Delivery 2 to 4 working days
Type of product Plug & Play


Brand sofos


quick installation quide

Danalock user guide


How does the Danalock work?


Your Danalock controls the lock on your door. By pressing the middle of the Danalock, twisting it, or by using the free app you can lock or unlock without ever having to use a key again.


Connected via Bluetooth


The Danalock app is connected with the lock via Bluetooth, which generally has a range of 0 - 5 meters from your Danalock depending on the Smartphone model and area conditions.

Stand in front of the Danalock while you install and set up the app.


Only one owner


You own your Danalock. For security reasons there can only be one owner of a Danalock. You decide who have access and when - and for how long.

If you wish to pass the ownership to somebody else, you have to delete the lock in the app. The new owner will have to install the app and set up the Danalock again.


Share access to your lock

You are the sole owner of your Danalock. If you want others to have access to your home, you just create and send access-keys. This is easily done via Danalock user profile, SMS or email.

You can grant permanent, recurrent, or temporary access in the Danalock app by pressing ”Menu” and then ”Lock users”.


You can choose to recieve a notification when the user accepts your invitation and whenever your lock is used.


Delete lock

If you wish to give your ownership of the Danalock to somebody else you’ll have to delete the  lock in the Danalock app. That is done by pressing ”Menu” and then ”Delete lock” at the  bottom of the screen.


The new owner now has to download the app, create a user profile and connect to the Danalock again, as explained under ”Guided setup via app”.




Here you can setup and adjust all the accessories for your Danalock.  Check out all the accessory possibilities on the Danalock homepage.

Installing your Danalock


On you’ll find installation guides that fast and easy helps you through the installation of your Danalock.

Download the free Danalock app on App Store or Google Play to complete the setup of the Danalock.


Guided setup via app

When you have downloaded and installed the Danalock app on your Smartphone, you’ll have to create a user profile. you’ll use this profile each time you log in.

Choose a user name and a password and press the green arrow. Now you’re ready to connect with the Danalock.


Press ”Menu” and then the ”Add lock” icon. You will now be taken on a guided tour to finetune and auto calibrate your lock. You won’t be needing a manual, each step will be thoroughly explained.

After completing the set-up, your Danalock will be represented by a big ring with a keyhole in the middle.


This is your keychain. Here you collect all your Danalock accesses.


Force unlock (Euro version only)


Uniquely the Danalock offers this feature for doors without a handle on the outside. With this function activated you can press the ”Force unlock” symbol on your keychain screen making the Danalock hold the door latch back for a periode, so you easily can push the door open.


Smart home setup


You have the oppertunity to connect the Danalock with different Smart home control systems like Z-Wave, Nest, and Harmony. Follow the different guides to the various control systems and expand the control of your home. 


24/7 aktivity log

Each time you or others use the Danalock it will be logged with date and time. You can choose to recieve a notification each time somebody uses your Danalock, so you always know who is in your home and when.


Multiple functionalies

Throughout the setup of the Danalock you can enable a lot of convenient extra features. You can also skip them and enable them another time. 


Auto lock timer


Set your Danalock to lock automatically after you have unlocked your door. This way you never have to remember to lock your door after unlocking it.


Auto unlock

With auto unlock activated, coming home is as easy as it gets. The GEO location determines your position when you enter the auto unlock zone approx. 500 - 1000 meters (1640 - 3281 feet) from your Danalock and unlocks your door when you get in Bluetooth range 0 - 5 meters (0 - 16,4 feet) from your door.

Notice that you have to leave the unlock zone completely and return to auto unlock your door.


The Bluetooth range and the GEO locations accuracy depend on the Smartphone model and local conditions. This can not be adjusted in the Danalock app.


Battery change


The batteries have an average lifetime of approx. one year depending on the usage, e.g. less than a year if the Danalock is connected to a gateway.

You will recieve warnings when the batteries are running low, and it is easy to buy new ones on the Danalock webshop or at a local Danalock retailer.

To change the batteries you gently click off the lid with a small flathead screwdriver, unscrew the two small philips-screws that holds the battery pin.


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